In Italy, an expat’s reminder of love and patriotism

Long before my husband and I sold our D.C. home to hit the road and embrace an expat life, I’d been conflicted about how to celebrate the Fourth of July. Even as I waved my miniature Stars and Stripes at small-town parades, slathered mustard on backyard burgers and angled for a prime fireworks view, I […]

Bombing leaves Turkey tourism on the brink

Two days before our Princess cruise ship was scheduled to call at Istanbul last month, a terrorist car bomb killed 11 people near a popular subway stop in the city center. Amid both reassurances about stepped-up security and fears of new attacks, the ship docked as planned – but with hundreds of skittish passengers opting […]

Favorite photos from the road in 2015

Our first full year spent living out of suitcases with no fixed address proved, in Seneca’s words, that “voyage, travel and change of place impart vigor” – or, at the very least, help keep one mentally and physically limber. San Miguel de Allende, Mexico, otherwise known as “summer camp for baby boomers,’ captured most of […]

Scuttling Russian stereotypes on Viking’s Waterways of the Tsars cruise

We’d already tossed back several varieties of Russian vodka, each accompanied by pastrami, pickles and expert commentary from Yulia, our Viking Truvor maitre’d. But the best, a smooth blend of chili pepper and honey, had been saved for last. “This is our only foreign vodka. From Ukraine,” said Yulia, her chilled glass raised high in […]

Travel in the age of “Fearbola”

While U.S. headlines were trumpeting the growing hysteria over the country’s first Ebola diagnosis in Dallas, I was kicking back at a resort in southern Ethiopia – where my only medical concern was a nasty crop of chigger bites, courtesy of a bush walk to view zebras in spectacular Nechasar National Park. From that Ebola-free […]

Lessons, highlights from a month on the road

It’s been one month since we sold our home and most of our belongings and hit the road. Fifteen states, 10 hotels, five friends’ houses, two Airbnb rentals and nearly 4,000 miles later, we’re still happily married (thanks, Siri!) and looking forward to more adventures. A few highlights: –Priceline and Hotwire rock. I’ve always been […]

The adventure begins…

We’re setting sail! After more than three decades as a professional traveler with a supportive and nearly as peripatetic husband, I’m finally getting the chance to satiate my dromomania (a.k.a. traveling fugue, an uncontrollable impulse to wander). We’ve sold our house in Virginia and purged, peddled or loaned any belongings that don’t fit the trunk […]

A sentimental journey to Wisconsin’s Door County

According to Celtic legend, the ravens that nest among the limestone cliffs in northeastern Wisconsin’s Door County are messengers of death, able to bridge the unseen world that separates the living and the departed. But last week, as my husband and his family carried his sister Liz’ ashes beneath a canopy of beech, maple and […]

On the road

Like millions of other travelers, I’m celebrating the end of summer by hitting the road, bound for a windjammer festival in Camden, Maine before an extended jaunt through the Canadian Maritimes. And with the first night and nearly 500 miles under my seatbelt, I’m also celebrating the ways technology has transformed the road trip. The […]

Life on the edge: Strolling 116 stories above Toronto

I’m an adrenaline junkie. Always have been. A front row seat on the word’s fastest and steepest wooden roller coaster? You bet. Hang-glding over the beaches of Rio? Check. Skydiving and communing with great white sharks in South Africa? No big deal. With all this under my belt, walking on a five-foot-wide railing around the […]